Battle of Slots

What is Battle of Slots?  

Battle of Slots is an innovative feature giving players the chance to compete against each other on their favourite slots, with a chance to meet, chat and socialize in multiplayer mode. 

This feature provides players with great value for money, and we currently have between 2000-4000 people playing battles every day. Being the largest slot provider in the industry with over 4500 available games spanning from around 100+ providers, is now offering its players the chance to not only test and try new games to see if they are to their liking, but also to play against other fellow players.  They can also choose to test them out in freerolls mode, another great option. 

Gone are the days when participants just play against the casino. They can now play against each other, and there’s always a winner.

What are the key benefits of this innovation?

The Battle of Slots Platform is built so we can provide various types of Battles at the same time and all of the options explained below add a lot of playing value for our customers while playing at 

Freerolls: We have added freerolls where our players can enter for free. An active player simply needs to fulfil a set of requirements and he is eligible to join. 

Heads up: This is a Battle Mode where you can choose to Battle against 1 player and have the chance to double up your buy-in. The Battle ends when the time runs out or when both players have completed all their spins. 

Sit and Go: This is a Battle mode that starts when it’s full. Currently, you can find a Sit & Go for 3 players and 5 players. This Battle mode is very popular amongst friends since it’s easy to just join a Sit & Go and then see who the winner is when everyone has made their spins. It is also a popular mode for the players who are waiting for another big battle to start. 

Freezout: Is a Battle mode where the player can only make 1 buy in. This is a very popular feature that people like because everyone has to compete under the same condition and it is all about who has the most luck.  

Re-buy: This is the Battle mode for the most strategic ones that like to have the chance to make a re-buy get more spins to secure their win but also to be able to get a second chance to go for the first prize. 

Fixed Prize pool: In this type of battle, all the money players use to enter a battle, as well as the re-buy money, goes straight to the prize pool. This gives the players the feeling that they are not competing against the casino but against each other. 

Progressive Prize pool: A Progressive prize pool is when the prize pool starts at 0 and all the winnings from all the players will be added to the prize pool. This gives the feeling for the players that they together are trying to beat the casino and the more winnings they get together, the more will be divided to the top players that have the highest score. There are also the Jackpot Chases where players compete together against the casino to win the jackpot; the prize pool will be split amongst the players.