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Play 3 Card Hold’em online: Check out our review below

3 Card Hold´em is a simple and easy to get to know game with a clear goal in mind. This is a poker game where you go against the dealer in a chase for the better 3-hand cards; the best beats the other. It is a poker-based game with a lot of thrills awaiting. Are you ready to learn more about 3 Card Hold´em from Felt? 

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But let us now find out more about 

What is 3 Card Hold´em?

3 Card Hold´em is a poker-based game played against the dealer where the better 3-card hand wins out of five cards. You are always given two decision points when in the game, after your first mandatory bet, you simply choose if you wish to bet further or to fold. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, and the game uses the same hand ranking system that other Three Card poker games does. 

3 Card Hold´em is also one of the most successful 3 card poker games in the US. 

It is a perfect game for all thrill-seeking players out to beat the dealers – with an extra feature that we will get more into soon! 

How to play 3 Card Hold´em

To start off, you need to place your Ante Bet, which is the mandatory game-starting bet. The Ante bet is basically the bet all players around the table have to bet, this to be able to stay on the table. When placing the bet, you choose the bet size in the chip selector at the bottom of the screen. The bet you choose will be highlighted in the circle of the Ante Bet. 

You can choose yourself how you wish to make a bet, you can either choose one chip, or multiple chips to reach your desired value. 

When you can see that the Ante Bet is illuminated, you can then place an optional bet on the Paired or Suit and the Straight or Better side bets – an extra of the game. This basically means that you can place additional side bets. You can see the max and minimum bet at the bottom of the screen. 

The Paired or Suit and the Straight or Better side bets 

The Paired or Suited bet is based exclusively on your two hole cards. All needed to win this bet is that your two cards are either pairs or the same suit. 

The Straight or Better bet is based on the ranking of your best three cards when it is a straight or higher. Your best three cards can be any combination of your two hole cards and the three cards. 

These bets are all optional and extras, meaning it is all up to you if you wish to bet on these or not. To place the bets on these, you do simply as with the normal Ante bet. When the bet has been placed in these, they will be illuminated all throughout the game. You then confirm your bets by pressing Deal. 

These bets can grant you a way to a much higher win and better possibilities for it. 


When the bets are laid, and you are satisfied with your cards, enough to play with them, the cards will be dealt. You will be dealt two cards that are both faced up, and the dealer will also be dealt two cards – but these will be dealt faced down. 

Three community cards are dealt at the same time, to both you and the dealer. These will be placed in the middle of the table faced up, and two cards faced down. 

Now it is time to beat the dealer with your best three card poker hand! You do this using your two hole hands and/or the community cards to create a combination. Your two cards can be used with any of the community cards, and you can choose wheatear or not to use the extra cards. 

How to win

You always have two options while playing this game, and these are to bet or fold. If you think that you have a strong enough hand to beat the dealer, then you place your bet. If you feel the opposite, that your hand is too weak, then you can choose to fold and only the ante bet, or the further bets made, are lost. 

3 Card Hold´em payouts

But then how do you beat the dealer, and how does the ranking system work? 

If the dealer manages to get a Pair of Fours or better, then he qualifies – meaning that you win 1x your Ante Bet if your hand beats the dealers. 

At the end of each hand, the dealers´ hand is compared to yours to see which is better and if your hand has a higher ranking than the dealers´ you win. 

If in its turn, the dealer has a stronger ranking than yours, then you will lose the Ante Bet, the Turn, and the River bets. (All bets made during the game.)

What are the rankings available of 3 Card Hold´em?

Ranking of Hands: 

Straight Flush 

Three of a kind




High Card Hand

Now you know all the basics to start the game, but if you would like to know more or learn more about the game – then you can simply press the “Help” button in the “More” section in the game. There you can see and read all the rules, how to play, and how it all works in further details. 

We are sure that you will find 3 Card Hold´em as thrilling as we do – if you are out for some action, then this is the game for you!

Shuffle up and deal!