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Coinflip Deluxe Introduction

Ever heard these great stories of people betting over flying mosquitos, or moving clouds, or whether it will rain or not? Well, that was most people’s way of doing things, yet at some point someone must have realised that man can make a game himself with something that is actually man-made. In comes the coin! 

Coin flipping is an old tradition that is still used widely to this day! Think of any great cricket, tennis, volleyball, football or soccer match you can remember and keep in mind that it was a coin that decided how that game would play, because the coin decided who kicks off the ball, and who stays at what side. Think of how many times you couldn’t decide on something or two people came at a tie at some game, and someone decided to reach down their trouser pocket and lift up a coin and settle the situation. 

Green Jade Games have come up with a game to celebrate this long-lasting symbol of sortition, and it’s name doesn’t leave that much to the imagination! Coinflip Deluxe is as simple as you can imagine, yet it is delivered with a certain finesse and precision that one cannot help but appreciate the fact that it’s quite cool.  

Coinflip Deluxe Game Features

The game symbols here are the two sides of the coin, and the value attributed to them is according to your call. So if you call the Crown side you can get double that which you’ve bet, if not you lose the amount that you bet, and vice versa for the Queen Side Portrait’s side. 

Coinflip Deluxe Free Spins and bonuses

Sometimes, the universe tries to play with your head (or your tails ha!) and yes, coin do land on their sides. So the developers of this game took care of that and used to it to create a bonus round! After getting an Edge result, you can get a free bonus flip, and if you get a second Edge result, you can potentially win up to 100x your previous bet. 

Coinflip Deluxe Payouts

If your prediction is correct you can essentially win 2x what you bet, but if it’s not, you lose your bet. 

Coinflip Deluxe Graphics and Sound

A big well done to Green Jade Games for creating such a visually stunning and elegant backdrop to this essentially quite primitive concept of a game. The backdrop of the game seems to be a surface of a table fitted with green felt with a wooden circumference. The detail is beautiful, as the developers put the logo of the Green Jade Games as patterned inscription on the felt, with a slightly darker shade of green to make it stand out. 

The buttons and icons are minimalistic and simple. The betting amount flashes softly so as to remind the player just how much they are waging, and even the help section itself is concise, straightforward and very neatly presented. 

The coin flipping itself also looks pretty wicked, as we see the camera lift with the coin in mid-air, and then follows it back onto the table.  

Coinflip Deluxe Conclusion

It’s a unique classic game with a long history and great power. The coin flip was, is, and will remain one of the most efficient and direct ways of sorting things out, and at the same time, of having a quick fun gamble. 

Thanks to Green Jade Games, you can now try this out and enjoy the beautifully minimal look of the game and just have a go right here at Videoslots.

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.

About the Provider

Green Jade Games is a software development company launched in 2017 with a strong focus on high quality content over quantity. The company is based in Malta and is made up of a team of industry experts who joined forces to develop the most unique games. Green Jade Games is aiming to revolutionise the iGaming industry by introducing amazing stories and an element of player control to their games. 

This is a company that immediately stands out from the crowd and while many companies make this claim, with Green Jade Games, it’s easy to see why. Their very first release called Hammer of Fortune immediately showed what the company can do. Unlike the majority of slots out there, Hammer of Fortune is a highly interactive slot that takes players on an adventure with 20 different chapters to complete and an interesting story to follow, complete with ongoing dialogue too. Their second slot, Mr Green, is similarly interactive with two characters chatting next to the reels and different destinations to travel to within the game. 

The story-based approach to slots as well as the interactive elements that Green Jade Games incorporates in their games has definitely started them on the right track in the industry. We can’t wait to see what kind of story the next slot will tell!  

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