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Esqueleto Explosivo Introduction

Thunderkick is definitely one of the best in the business, always creating and delivering Video Slot with vivid graphics, alluring themes, and impressive graphics – and this is no exception. The day to celebrate a big day, to pay tribute, remember, grief, and honour is here, in a way like you have never seen it before.

The day of the dead, Día de los Muertos as it is called in Mexico, where it is also celebrated – is a day where family and friends gather to pray for and remember friends and family members that have passed, to support their spiritual journey. The tradition holds building private altars called Ofrendas, honouring the passed away using Calaveras, Aztec marigolds, and the favourite foods and beverages of the passed away, as well as visiting graves with these as gifts. The tradition has also spread to other parts of the world, many celebrated with parades, festivals, and gatherings at cemeteries to pray for peace for the passed away.

It is a beautiful tradition, all about bringing loved one peace in the after-life and the spiritual journey – this time, portraying this into an immensely popular Video Slot. 

We proudly present; Esqueleto Explosivo, a game from Thunderkick

Esqueleto Explosivo Features

Sugar skulls are something very important when it comes to Day of the Dead, usually used to decorate the alters in honour of the dead. These sugar skulls are therefore the basic symbols of Esqueleto Explosivo Video Slot. They all come in different colours and patterns, being the turquoise skull, the yellow skull, the blue, moustache one, the green skull with a flower, and the pink skull with a rose in its mouth. These are all worth differently, depending on the bet you place in the game. 

But above these basic symbols, there are also a few extra special symbols to grant you extra wins and fun features. These are the Wild, which is the sugar skull in gold with sunglasses on, and glimmering stars around it, as well as the Multiplier numbers which you can see appearing. We will tell you all about them below. 

Esqueleto Explosivo Free Spins and Bonuses

There are no Free Spins nor Bonuses offered in Esqueleto Explosivo, but who said they were mandatory to make a game player friendly and rewarding? You can still enjoy the great gameplay and extra features that are actually offered – so let´s get right into them!

Explosivo Wild Symbol – the golden sugar skull with sunglasses is a symbol that can substitute for all other symbols on the reels. This symbol will always blow up all 8 closest surrounding symbols for a new chance to win and then increase the Multiplier by one level. 

For each win made in the game, on a drop, at least one Explosivo Wild appearance, increases the Multipliers with one level. You can win either 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, or 32x – which can be quite rewarding if you are lucky enough. There is a reason why these are called Macho Multiplier!

The Dropping Symbol Feature is one known for this game, and this basically means that symbols you win on get replaced with either new or existing symbols. This continues as long as there is a new win. 

Esqueleto Explosivo Payout

Esqueleto Explosivo is a Video Slot played over 5 “reels” and 3 rows, with additional 17 paylines. the reels don't spin as standard reels do, instead, the reels are made up of sugar skulls placed on skeletons, and each time you spin, the skulls will be thrown forward, to make room for the new symbols. 

You place your bet by choosing the amount, and you can choose bets from between €0.10 and a max bet of €100. 

Esqueleto Explosivo Graphics and Music

As mentioned above, Thunderkick is the king of vivid designs and graphics, such that you will come across in this game. The game is taking place in a room where Day of the Dead is celebrated, in the traditional way. The colours of walls, furniture, lights, all remind of Mexico, and candles are lit up all over the room. The reels are in the front of the room, placed on the table, which is the altar. Here, you can see the small pictures of the passed away, lit candles, food, flowers, and the skeletons holding up the sugar skull symbols. In front of this, you can see the multipliers hovering in the air, and the blue ones display the current winning Multipliers – which makes sure that you can follow your progress easily. 

It all looks very fascinating, and there is no wonder how Esqueleto Explosivo is one of the most popular Video Slots out there.

About Thunderkick

Thunderkick is a quite young company that develops slot games and a related gaming platform. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Thunderkick’s simple goal is to contribute to a change in the gaming industry by enhancing the overall user experience of an online casino. A team founds Thunderkick with years and years of experience in gaming and game development. All the game development and platform development is done in-house. Thunderkick is driven by a passion for developing amusing games and always strives to let quality come before quantity.

Thunderkick is defining its own style by creating the perfect balance in the games they produce great graphics and excellent animations. They deliver quality games – the kind of games we as players would enjoy. Thunderkick creates video slots that are worth playing. They always deliver exactly what the market desires and what both the gambling operators and players need. They do this with a lot of passion. Their purpose is simple - to create one of the world’s greatest gaming experience.

Their games include FluxBabushkaBirds On a WireZoom, and Spectra.

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