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Monopoly Bring The House Down Introduction

It is time to put your board game skills to the test with Monopoly Bring The House Down Video Slot, a classic Slot with a well-known and loved theme – added with some fantastic features. Barcrest has, yet again, made sure we get a game that we can truly enjoy. 

In 1935, the Parker brothers founded the world´s most sold family board game: Monopoly. Elizabeth Magie created the game already back in 1904 with a clear agenda for anti-capitalism. An agenda that would help display how private owned and rentals created monopoly and defeat, all while cooperation and shared owning would create welfare for all. For around 10 years she worked in improvements until the day that a salesman calling the game “Monopoly” and sold it to the Parker brothers who in its turn bought all rights to the game. The name originates from the economic term monopoly that is a definition of a dominated market by one and the same actor. Are you a partner or do you prefer a lone firm? 

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Monopoly Bring The House Down Features

In Monopoly Bring The House Down Video Slot, you can see both card deck symbols as well as the classic icons from the game of Monopoly. The lower valued symbols are the coloured symbols: A, K, Q, J, and 10. After these comes the classic ship, the unique car, the cat, and the dog that all have their own place as a marker in the board game. The highest payouts come from the green house that is surrounded with golden edges. But this isn’t just any symbol – it is also the Wild Symbol of the game. And as always, this symbol can step in to substitute for other symbols to then create winning combinations. 

And as you might know from before, the green house can also be upgraded to a hotel, and when it does – the colour of it will turn into red. The hotel can randomly multiply the positions where the Wild will land, but keep in mind that the only one can multiple positions that are placed on the paylines. 

The red monopoly card with the white letter “M” with a hat on top, is the Scatter Symbol. If you land on 3 of these Scatters, you will be richly awarded some Free Spins. Are you interested in landing one, then keep a lookout on reels 1, 3, and 5 as the reels are the only ones it can appear on.

Monopoly Bring The House Down Free Spins and Bonuses

Chance Card: there is a special feature that can appear all the sudden, when this happens you can simply grab and say thanks. 3 cards with question marks will suddenly appear, choose one of these – and the chosen one will then fly down to a random position on the reels and display whether it is a green house or a red hotel (the Wild). 

Bonus Selector: when this feature is triggered you will have a Hot-zone pattern fall down onto the reels. Now you have to be fast, you only have 3 seconds to decide if you want to keep or forward the pattern. When the choice has been made you have the chance of landing some Wilds and Multiplied Wilds. 

Bonus Drop: you are awarded this feature if the Hot Zone pattern completely falls outside of the reels. A Hot Zone will be released on the rolls with the potential of landing Wilds and Multiplied wins.

The above-mentioned features are only some of the ones you can land on the reels of this game. Among others, there are more Free Spins to grab a hold of as well as picking points with the monopoly cards.

Monopoly Bring The House Down Payout

Monopoly Bring The House Down Video Slot offers 6 reels on 4 rows with additional 40 paylines that pay from left to right on the reels. Underneath the reels, you can find the control panel where you can then adjust the bet per line by clicking the small signs next to “STAKE/2 LINES”. You can also see the total bet, how much you won, read about the game rules, symbols, and about the features. 

Monopoly Bring The House Down Graphics and Music

Monopoly Bring The House Down Video Slot has chosen to keep the actual board game on the screen, with the reels hovering above it. The reels are filled with well-known and iconic symbols that we have seen in previous monopoly games. When spinning the reels the game field will get smaller and reverse into the picture which is a cool aspect as we can see clearly the room where the reels are placed. On both sides of the reels, you can see frames with diverse information about all features offered. A drumming sound effect along with a dark base makes the beat of the game thrilling. 

Monopoly Bring The House Down Conclusion

Just like a monopoly game should be, the reels are packed with Bonuses and Free Spins Features. The question is more if you want to make patent and grab all the winnings for yourself. It isn’t always that it pays off to be greedy, which Barcrest clearly shows in their Monopoly Slot. Anyhow, you will most likely not be sad with all the rewarding and fun features that are thrown at you.

About the game provider, Barcrest 

Barcrest Group Limited is a company that first saw the light of day in 1968. They primarily focus on creating and marketing of gaming equipment, online and offline, to the European market. They’re one of the most reliable game providers available and offer SWP gaming cabinets, gaming terminals based on servers, and video cabinets with multi game features to bingo clubs, arcades, elite private member clubs and pubs. Barcrest has their sights set on the UK market in particular since they’re located in Ashton-under-Lyne. If you ever played a fruit machine in the UK during the ‘80s or ‘90s – it was probably a slot machine from Barcrest you fed your money into.

So what do Barcrest have to offer today? They are primarily focused on and specialised in, software systems and gaming products catered to computers and mobile devices. They used to do bingo and arcade games available in pubs etc. until just a few years ago, but that was the end of an era and they now focus mostly on the modern and profitable online gaming business.