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Super 7 Stars Introduction

Red Rake presents Super 7 Stars, a sequel to the highly successful Super 5 Stars that adds new, exciting and rewarding features. To stay true to their fan base, the creators have given this latest slot game a traditional look and feel. At the same time, its smooth gameplay and realistic design make it a major competitor to other popular video slots.

The game is jam-packed with bonuses, free spins and exciting features. Wild Respins, Lucky Roulette and free spins have all been included to give the player endless fun. The previous game is referred to in this game through Super 5 Stars and Super Stars multipliers.

Players are immediately immersed in the action right from the start. The slot machine is right in front of them, taking most of the screen, but they still feel that that are at a real casino. There is no one else around. They can see other slot machines around them, but now is not the time for distractions, it’s the time to play!

Super 7 Stars Game Features

Super 7 Stars features 5 reels with 30 fixed paylines. Players have ample freedom when deciding how much to gamble. Naturally, as with many slots, the higher the gamble, the higher the jackpot will be. Another feature of the game is its autoplay function, where players can just sit back and relax as the excitement unfolds in front of their eyes.

Super 7 Stars Free Spins and Bonuses

As the game starts, players can set their bets easily using the bet increase and decrease buttons on the machine. When they are ready to begin, they can press the spin button, or, if they prefer, the autospin button. Once the spinning reels come to a halt, players will start noticing the many bonuses the game has to offer.

One of the most exciting ones has to be the Super 7 Stars match-3 minigame. To get this Wild Respin, all they need to do is land the Super 7 Stars icon on reel number 3. Another great bonus is given when, during gameplay, players land three of the bonus symbols within one position of payline one, on reels two to four. When this happens, they can win a number of free spins and multipliers. The same bonus is activated when players land on a wild symbol. In Super 7 Stars, the wild symbol is a green W with wild written in gold.

To add a twist to the game, the creators have included a Lucky Roulette bonus game. In this game, players try their luck at winning numerous multipliers. If that weren’t enough, the roulette wheel can bring even more prizes to the lucky winners. To trigger the roulette wheel, players need to land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Super 7 Stars Payouts

In Super 7 Stars, free spins range from 5, all the way up to 20, whereas multipliers range between 2 and 3. During the Super 7 Stars match-three minigame, players have a chance to earn up to 25 further free spins. To get into this minigame, players need to land 3 of the same symbols. The symbols include single, double and triple red sevens, cherries, bells and single and double bars.

The Lucky Roulette wheel brings a whole other set of payouts to lucky players. They can start by winning a non-progressive jackpot of 300 coins. What makes this minigame special, however, is the prize of up to 1,000 times the bet placed by the players.

Super 7 Stars Graphics and Sound

Red Rake left nothing to chance when designing the slot game to make it look, feel and sound as realistic as possible. The casino lobby in the background is all players would expect, with everything from other slot machines to tiny details, such as the carpeting. The game also features the noises of the other slot machines and other player’s murmuring in the background to complete the realistic effect.

Super 7 Stars Conclusion

It is hard not to love a game like Super 7 Stars, even if you’re not used to classic slots. There is so much action throughout the game that boredom never sets in. It is a game that deserves praise, not only for the fantastic gameplay, but also the overall design and feel. Of course, players will love it, above everything else, for its high bonuses and prizes.

About the Provider

Red Rake Gaming is a software development company, specialising in Slots and other casino games. Spain might not be the Mecca of online gaming, but Red Rake Gaming provides an exception. With a development crew of Spanish natives, the website is offered in Spanish and the company headquarters are in Valencia, Spain. Because of this, the main markets are those of Spain and Europe. The Red Rake Gaming team consists of 40 experienced professionals, who have created the world´s first video slot with orbit reels! 

The employees mostly focus on generating high quality content in the casino industry, with a particular focus in slot games. These are all quite successful, generating a volume of more than 5 million spins daily, just to mention some of the statistics related to it. 

These statistics are pretty positive: Red Rake is a company with over 40 employees, offering over 50 Slots in 16 languages, 7 casino games on Facebook, 15 million users, and 15 new Slots every month – just to mention a few. 

The game portfolio of Red Rake Gaming is vast and versatile, offering games with various themes, spectacular graphics and animations, as well as careful algorithms that result in an even better gaming experience.