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Do you want to know how it feels to be in an Arab country? The Emirate from our new game developer Endorphina should be the perfect game for you then, the feeling of this video slot takes you away to faraway lands where you can find Sheiks, Caliphs, and Emirs to mention a few. 

This 5-reel, 5 pay line video slot is pretty straight forward. All prizes are for combinations of one kind of symbols, and all winning combinations are counted left to right except for Scatters who can appear anywhere on the screen and still give you a winning combination. The Scatter-symbol in this slot looks like a golden object with blue dots as its centre and golden dots with tails scattering outwards. Landing 3 or more Scatter-symbols anywhere on the screen will be a winning combination and when this happens you win 3, 4, or 5 times your bet straight away – there are no bonus rounds in this game. If you get both a Scatter win and line wins, both of them are added to give you the final winnings. 

Other symbols in this game are: a car, a jug, a sword, a water pipe, a man, a woman, and the Jackpot-symbol which looks like a city. To find out how much the combinations of these different symbols you press the “Menu” button, it will show you the potential winnings of your currently selected bets and number of lines. And the only thing you have to do to win yourself a jackpot in this game is to line up 5 city-symbols on one pay line. For every coin wagered on that pay line you will be awarded a jackpot which is worth 5000 coins. 

We mentioned that this game has no bonus round earlier, which might sound like a bad deal – but it’s not! Every time you win there will be an option to either take the win or take a risk. If you click the “Take Risk” button you will be moved to a small popup-window and a mini game will start. In this mini game you will have the chance to double your winnings. It starts with the dealer dealing 5 cards. The first one is his card, which is shown face up. When the first card is placed the dealer will then add 4 more cards, face down this time. You can now choose to either risk your win and double your winnings or play it safe and just take the initial winnings. If the dealer has a low card it might be worth the risk to gamble and pick one of the four face down cards. If the card you pick is higher than the dealer’s you win, if you cards value is the same there will be a draw where the same scenario happens again but with new cards, and finally if it’s lower than the dealer you lose. 

The game has a lot of cool settings you can fiddle with, one of them is the Autoplay feature which is quite detailed. You can setup how many spins the Autoplay will use and add different scenarios for when the video slot will stop spinning its wheels. You can also setup the graphic quality or put the slot to full screen. I don’t know why you would, but it’s also possible to fiddle with the master sound volume, the effects, and background volume. The soundtrack is part of the feel to this game and is very well-done so we recommend that it stays on unless you enjoy listening to your own music in the background. All of these settings can be found by clicking the “Menu” button and changing between settings is done by clicking different options on top of the menu screen. And one last tip; When you receive a big win you can press on the ”Take win” button and the game will instantly transfer your winnings to your balance instead of getting a sequence that can be quite long.

So what are you waiting for? Come enjoy Endorphina’s new masterpiece The Emirate today!