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Play Regal Streak Jackpots online: Check out our slot review below

Regal Streak Jackpot Introduction 

Red Tiger Games might have found a good dose of inspiration in the classics as it brought about Regal Streak, but that does not mean this slot does not have a few innovative features of its own. Thus, while Regal Streak's 5-reel, 3-row setup technically holds only 3 paylines, these can be formed by landing enough symbols on the 3 rows without need for them to be on adjacent reels. Also included is a clever take on the free spins round dubbed the Regal Spins. Triggered by landing 3 or more crown symbols on the reels, this has a randomly selected Multiplier Symbol that feeds a multiplier bar set on top of the reels. The more wins, the bigger the potential multipliers, and higher-paying symbols lead to even bigger multipliers! There are quite a few things going on beneath such a deceptively simple facade, so let us take a closer look into the Regal Streak slot!

Humans have been using some form of ornamental headgear to denote royalty since ancient times. The Achaemenid Persian emperors wore the precursor of a crown, a diadem, which was later adopted by Constantine I and al subsequent rulers of the later Roman Empire. The Pharaohs of Egypt also wore a diadem, as did the Roman Emperor Augustus. The oldest crown used in Europe is possibly the Iron Crown of Lombardy, used by the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Italy before it was used to crown the modern kings of Napoleonic and Austrian Italy. 

Regal Streak Jackpot Game Features 

Regal Streak is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with a total of 3 paylines, one for each row. Paylines are formed by landing 3 or more matching symbols anywhere on a row. To form these paylines the game features a selection of 9 symbols, divided between 4 high and 5 low pays. The high-paying symbols feature a red seven, a golden bell, a four-leaf clover and a pair of cherries, while the low-paying symbols consist of the traditional A, K, Q, J and 10 card royals. The final symbol to be found on the reels is the crown. This is the scatter, which triggers the free spins round whenever you land 3 or more anywhere on one of the 3 paylines. To help you with this game has a Royal Nudge feature where, during regular spins, there is a chance for a random nudge to drop an additional crown if there are 2 or more crown symbols in a payline. 

Regal Streak Jackpot Free Spins and Bonuses 

Landing 3 crown scatters earns you 15 free spins, with each additional scatter adding +5 extra spins. These Regal Spins include a multiplier feature. Before the round starts a randomly selected symbol becomes the Multiplier Symbol, and its multiplier bar appears on top of the slot. The multipliers on the bar are bigger if the symbol happens to be a high pay. Any wins with the multiplier symbol feed the bar, and the accumulated multiplier applies to all wins for the duration of the free spins. Landing a line of crown scatters not only earns you +10 more free spins (with +5 additional spins for each additional crown) but also increases the multiplier bar by +1 for each crown scatter in the line. 

Being a jackpot slot, Regal Streak also includes the Red Tiger Gaming jackpot feature. This is triggered whenever you land 3 or more jackpot symbols, which summons a jackpot wheel to determine the prize to be won. The values of the progressive jackpots on play can be seen on the panel set on the left-hand side of the slot, and these are based on seed fund formed by a percentage of all games being played at the time. 

Regal Streak Jackpot Payouts 

The seven brings the biggest payout in Regal Streak, reaching up to 45x the stake for a full payline. The bell follows at up to 30x the bet, while the clover is worth up to 18x the bet and the cherries up to 13.5x. Moving on to the low pays, the A can earn you up to 12x the bet, the K 9x, the Q 18.3x, the J 4.5x and the 10 2.7x. Keep in mind the multiplier feature in play during the free spins, not to mention the progressive jackpots!

Regal Streak Jackpot Graphics and Sound 

Red Tiger Gaming brings its typical visual polish even in a slot as arguably simple as Regal Streak. The slot features gold borders and is set on a clean green background reminiscent of the velvet typically used in casinos. The reels themselves are in black, the better to contrast with the glossy symbols on top. The most visually striking of these is the crown, since this rotates with a 3D effect whenever you land one on the reels. As you play you will also listen to a jolly tune that gets more exciting once you start getting some wins!

Regal Streak Jackpots Conclusion 

A deceptively straightforward-looking slot with some unexpected depths, Regal Streak brings plenty of excitement thanks to its unusual take on the traditional paylines. This is only increased through the free spins and their multipliers, which of course only lead to even bigger payouts! Check out Regal Streak here at Videoslots Casino today! 

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.

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